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This resource is part of  The First ABC Kit and The Reading and Spelling Toolkit.


This resource includes:

A complete set of word chains to use for the sound swap game. Part of the First ABC Kit


First, ABC word lists fonts

Century Gothic


Sassoon Infant

Australian fonts

South Australian

New South Wales


Victorian Modern Cursive


Three Link It books


Two fonts:


Century Gothic


Spelling notes, word lists, and printables to guide explicit instruction of vowel and consonant spellings—part of The Reading and Spelling Toolkit.


1. Initial vowel sounds, consonant digraphs, CVCe- final E

2. Vowel spellings

3. Consonant spellings


Sound-spelling word banks to use for phonics instruction and spelling instruction. 


Each book includes:


Spelling instruction

The why of consonant spellings

The why of vowel spellings


Word lists

Word building and word study printables

Bookmarks to show common spellings for each sound

Movable Alphabet


The curated lists are not for memorisation or the traditional spelling test. I developed the lists and chains to be ready-made word banks. Use to explore and study words.


Phonics instruction with the why!

Take the guesswork out of explicit spelling instruction. Use this resource to improve your knowledge of the spelling system.


Want to know why the spelling <gh> occurs in lots of words?

Have you ever wondered why there is an <e>at the end of lots of words?

What to know more about the most common vowel sound that causes so many spelling problems?


This resource will give you the information you need to teach spelling effectively.


Teach your students to become pattern hunters. 


A great resource to help your knowledge of the spelling system. Discuss words, letters, spellings, word parts and sounds.  


Discuss words, build words, and explore with your child or students.


This is a PDF printable resource.

Word Chains for Phonics and Spelling Instruction

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