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The Literacy Hill

Hello, I'm Clare, a teacher, coach and resource creator. I taught in various primary school settings in England and America for over eight years.

The time in England was spent in the early years honing my craft and finally realising the value of all those English language units I studied for my degree. The move to America, on the other hand, helped me connect some more dots related to language as I took on a role as an ESL teacher and reading specialist in a reading room catering for grades 3-6.


I enjoy working with families and teachers to help them take control of literacy learning in their setting so that the children in your care can flourish.

We can't run before we walk.

If you are a parent who wants to encourage literacy learning at home or have a struggling reader, you are in the right place. If you are a teacher who wants to learn more about the science of reading, dive into the articles, free resources, and research-supported kits to upskill your practice.

Becoming literate is a journey that takes effort, skills and knowledge to reach the top. To climb the hill, our children need the right tools and guidance. In the primary years, a well-trained teacher, an effective curriculum and plenty of repeated practice kick start the journey.

Everything is a process, even if it doesn't look that way at first. Learning to read is about taking tiny steps in learning and working through a systematic approach at your child's speed.

The tiny steps we walk through life help us make big strides and leaps of discovery in learning as our experiences grow! Moving just a little bit in our own time will help us far more than rushing to complete tasks beyond us before we are ready.


My website is here to help you tread the most effective path.

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