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Literacy Clinic

teaching literacy to a kid by literacy coach clare

I provide a range of literacy services for preschool/primary aged children and their parents in Perth.

Call now for a free consultation. 


 0400 724535

I offer the following services for families

Literacy tutoring for primary-aged students

Private and small group sessions in the comfort of your own home or in a school setting. I offer systematic, structured literacy sessions to enhance reading, spelling and writing. An initial consultation is essential to plan the journey. This lasts approximately one hour and comes with a report.

Parents or caregivers need to be present at each session so you can access the right knowledge and skills to support your child after each session. Explicit sessions are designed to be engaging and playful to develop A complete pack of resources is available at the end of each session to enable repeated practice at home.


Preschool sessions for children aged 3-5 years

Engaging and playful sessions with a focus on social skills, playful learning and literacy awareness.


Parent Coaching

One-on-one sessions help your child take their first steps in reading, writing and spelling.  I will teach you how the alphabet code works and how to give your child the best start in reading. Sessions will give you the knowledge and resources needed for you to help your child fluently read, write and spell.

Teachers and schools

Research-supported coaching and mentoring to support the delivery of high-quality literacy instruction so all your students flourish. Practical advice and resources that are designed to give you real support in your setting.

Have questions about tutoring or how to help at home? 

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