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A systematic First ABC kit that has everything you need for playful, structured literacy learning in the Foundation stage.


First sounds A-Z to digraphs ck, ch, sh, th, ng.


Phonics is not boring with this kit – it is all about hands-on active learning over here!


2 fonts - Sassoon and Century Gothic


First ABC Kit  Includes:


Instructions and planning

Scope and sequence document

110-page Instructional guide

60-page Planning and assessment supplement




Printables for explicit phonics instruction and repeated practice

First ABC books

Digraph activity books kit

Word lists for the sound swap game 

Read it, write it, draw it sentences

First ABC decodable stories

Movable alphabet

Handwriting sheets

Picture and word cards


Resources for display

Desk strips

First ABC individual posters

ABC Poster


Playful resources for repeated practice

ABC Bingo

Word bingo games for each set of letters satpin, mdgock, ebhflur, qyzvxwj

Word building cards

Word building jigsaws

Alphabet word and picture clip cards

Read and Match ABC game

Decodable word cards

First ABC initial sounds and decodable words track games

Rhyming card game

Rhyming bingo


This is a PDF printable resource.

First ABC Kit

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