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Each quiz has six yes/no questions.  An engaging alternative to decodable readers and sentence strips. 


A quick quiz is always a hit, especially if the questions are a bit silly. A fun way to get more decoding practice. The quiz can also be used as a partner reading activity and a scaffold for question writing. 


Perfect for fast finishers and home practice. The quizzes can also be downloaded to a tablet to use digitally if you don’t want to print.


Includes a handy guide that discusses writing ideas and ways to use the quiz cards for repeated reading. 


33 Quizzes 


5  Double Letters ff, ll, ss, zz

4  2-Syllable Words

4  ck

4  ch

4  sh

4  th

4  ng nk

4  qu


198 quiz question cards


2 layouts 


A4 and A5


3 versions


3 fonts



Century Gothic

South Australian


These quizzes are also in the spelling packs — qu, ck.  Other spelling packs will be available soon. 


This is a PDF printable resource.


Yes No Quiz

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