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A printable set of activities that offers repetition with variety for decoding practice.

No prep printables that save you time. Use after explicit instruction, intervention or send home to reinforce skills and concepts.


Use as a springboard for spelling and sentence instruction after decoding practice. 


3 Fonts


Century Gothic


South Australian


550+ pages

3 fonts = 1650+ pages


Instructions and ideas for decoding practice, sentence level and vocabulary activities 


Vowel sounds and alternative spellings


a as o spellings

air spellings

ar spellings

ay spellings

e spellings

ee spellings

er spellings

igh spellings

o as u spellings

oa spellings

oo sounds and spellings

or spellings

ow spellings

oy spellings




New vowel sound-spellings  sentences 


Many of the sentence strips and sentence sheets have two versions. This will help you work with students at their point of need. Use for decoding practice first before moving on to sentence instruction and spelling instruction.


Read and Draw

Use to review decoding skills. An engaging way to show their understanding of words and phrases.


Sentence Strips

Short target sound-spelling sentences to support, review and consolidate your teaching. Also provides ideas for sentence structure work. Use for dictation and sentence instruction too. 


Spot it and Sort it 

Spot it and sort it organisers.  Use after explicit instruction for guided decoding practice. Discuss the spellings and use the activity to set the scene for future spelling instruction, This teaches the concept that vowel sounds have alternative spellings and helps students to create a mental schema (a structure that helps organise knowledge and guides thinking and behaviour)


Read and Draw 

Use to review decoding skills. An engaging way to show their understanding of words and phrases. 



Playing games helps to consolidate previous learning. All children need lots of exposure to vowel spellings to develop fluent decoding. Games don’t replace reading books. All children should be reading several books daily. But if a child struggles to read and needs lots of extra practice, blending to read games can help motivation and engagement. Use the sheets to review past sounds and spellings before moving on to spelling or sentence instruction.




Roll and Read 


3 in a Row 


Track boards traditional dice game


This is a PDF printable resource.




Vowel Sounds-Spellings Repeated Practice Pack

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