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A set of 144 decodable sentences and phrases designed to support your teaching of the basic code. 


3 Fonts


  • Sassoon


  • Century Gothic
  • South Australian


The sentences are for repetition of the basic code sounds a-z. 


The sentences are colour-coded in this sequence:


Blue – s a t p i n


Orange – s a t p i n and m d o c g k


Green - s a t p i n and m d o c g k and e u r h f l


Purple – s a t p i n and m d o c g k and e u r b h f l and q v j w x y z


All sentences use initial code decodable words and will build fluency and check phonemic awareness of the basic code.


This pack also comes with track games and printable scaffolds for sentence work.


Games give teachers and parents an invaluable resource to get lots of repetition literacy skills in reading, writing and comprehension in a fun way. The cards can be used as a group game, independently or as a way to assess decoding ability and comprehension. Instructions included.


This resource complements our other early reader resources. Have your child build, read and comprehend decodable words right from the beginning.


Systematic, explicit teaching that is engaging gets results. 


This is a PDF printable resource.

Read it, Write it, Draw it

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