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Included in the First ABC Kit

A set of 16 little digraph activity books to develop phonic skills through explicit, playful, repeated practice.  These little books are perfect for guided literacy centre groups and repeated practice in the classroom and at home.


A5 little books. Print in colour or black and white.


4 pages in each book.


3 fonts

Century Gothic

South Australian



The pack includes:


Teaching guide


6 single digraph books ng, ck, ch, sh, th, tch to be used after whole class explicit phonics teaching

10 books that contain two sounds and spellings or one sound and two spellings for repeated practice.


Extra Resources for Repeated Practice

Picture and word cards for explicit writing instruction or playful learning games


Compound words resources


Digraph word cards to use for word sorts and explicit writing instruction


Digraph word chains


32 Mixed digraph decodable sentences


40 Yes No quiz cards

The set of books includes the following activities:


Partner reading word chain lists


Word building activities


Yes/No questions


Read and draw single words and connected text.  


Decodable sentences for reading practice plus space to draw a picture. This encourages talking about the words and sentences and this builds meaning and comprehension.


The activities combine reading and spelling and help students to develop phonemic awareness and phonics knowledge.


Build a word – segmenting sounds in words to spell.

Read the word after building – blending sounds and linking the letters to read/say the word.

Phoneme manipulation – the ability to pull words apart into the smallest unit of sound to create new words.

Build vocabulary and comprehension through rich discussion about words, sentences, and picture-making. To draw the pictures, the student has to reread the sentences. Students often need to read a text more than once but can sometimes be reluctant. Drawing together is a scaffold for conversation. A discussion with an adult can fuel vocabulary development and comprehension.


This is a PDF printable resource.

Mini Digraph Activity Books

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