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Over 250 sentence strips to support explicit, systematic phonics teaching.


There are two versions of each sentence. This will help you work with students at their point of need. Use for decoding practice first before moving on to sentence instruction and spelling instruction.


Designed to support your teaching of consonant sounds and popular alternative spellings.


A cost-effective way to build phonics resources for classroom and at-home use.


A 35-page guide that includes instructions, activities and printable resources included.


2 fonts


Century Gothic


26 files that focus on consonant sounds and alternative spellings.

  • First digraphs: ck, ch, ng, sh, th
  • Consonant sounds /b/ through /z/ and alternative spellings


Games and activities to help your students develop knowledge of the alphabet code for reading and spelling:


  • Track games
  • Comic strips
  • Word sort grids
  • Sentence-building activities


Games are an invaluable resource, so your little ones get lots of repetition in a fun and playful way. Sentence games build vocabulary and meaning in a playful way. 


This is a PDF printable resource.

Loaded Consonant Sound-Spellings Sentences

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