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A set of 35 decodable stories.


19 decodable stories — basic code sounds.


10 decodable stories — basic code sounds plus 'QU' and double letters, ff, ll, ss, zz.


6 more decodable stories that use the complete sequence.


3 layouts




A folded book created from A4.


Decodable stories offer children the opportunity to repeat already taught phonic knowledge. Children who read connected text that contains only the alphabet code knowledge they know will breed success and encourage an "I can do this" attitude.


Each story comes with a set of questions to prompt discussion.


The stories are for decoding practice. The stories don't contain illustrations as this can divert attention from the print. The purpose of decodable texts is to create an environment based on reading strategies — sounding out the graphemes and blending to read — not guessing from the picture—a game-changer for eyes on print. The student can add pictures after the first read, which prompts discussion, vocabulary building and meaning.


This is a PDF printable resource.

First Decodable Stories

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