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This resource is part of the First ABC kit


A set of 6 activity books to develop phonemic awareness and phonic skills through explicit, playful, repeated practice.


Book 1 – s a t p i n

Book 2 – m d k g o c

Book 3 – e u r b h l f

Book 4 – q v j y z w x

Book 5 – Double letters – ff, ll, ss, zz

Book6 – Adjacent consonants


The books include the following activities


Word building

Word chain lists — use for the sound switch game and dictation

Games for playful repetition

Decodable sentences for reading practice.

Read and draw sentences and words to encourage talking about the words and sentences.


The activities combine reading and spelling to make effective use of learning time.


Build a word – segmenting sounds in words to spell

Read the word after building – blending sounds to read the word.

Word chains help students to build the skills of blending, segmenting and manipulation. 

Build vocabulary and comprehension through rich discussion about the words, sentences, and picture-making. To draw the pictures, the student has to reread the sentences. Students often need to read a text more than once, but can sometimes be reluctant. Drawing together is a scaffold for conversation. The discussion with an adult can fuel vocabulary development and comprehension.

The activity books come in 6 fonts


Over 400 pages



Century Gothic


Australian State fonts


Victorian Modern Cursive

New South Wales Foundation Style


South Australian Beginner


Pair with our first decodable readers for playful repetition of the basic alphabet code sounds/letters. 


This is a PDF printable resource.

First ABC Activity Books

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