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Sound-symbol mapping cards for the initial code.  VC, CVC, CCVC, CVCC


There are a total of 357 mapping cards in this set.


  • Initial sound missing


  • Middle sound missing


  • End sound missing


  • Sound boxes to support making or writing the whole words — segmenting sounds to spell the word. Blend to read the word. Use the movable alphabet tiles as a scaffold for writing. 


  • Grey letters to support letter formation'


Movable alphabet included


Hand-painted pictures.


The cards will help your child to develop the sound-symbol correspondence. Build, read and write words from the beginning.


This resource complements our other early reader resources.


Playful learning that explicitly teaches sound-symbol correspondences will get great results if done in a systematic way.


This is a PDF printable resource.

Decodable Word Cards

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