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Decodable Letters and Words Matching Cards


29 cards – initial sound-symbol cards

85 cards – word cards CVC, CVCC, CCVC words


This activity works perfectly with pegs, Lego or other counters. Transparent counters are great, as your little one can see through to the symbol or word.


Match the spoken sound or word to the correct picture on the card. Hearing first sounds and blending them to make first words is a crucial skill when learning to read.


The initial sounds cards are a great way to practice alphabet recognition playfully.  Always get your little one to say each sound as you or they point to each symbol to lock in the sound-symbol correspondence.


1:1 teaching activity or ideal for repetition in a guided literacy centre or as an independent activity.

This resource complements our other early reader resources. Have your child build and read decodable words right from the beginning.


Playful learning that explicitly teaches the sound-symbol correspondence.


This is a PDF printable resource.

Alphabet, Word and Picture Clip Cards

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